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Skilled Migration to Australia

Skilled Migration Plans and Employment Assistance/Job Search

INBIB can facilitate skilled migration to Australia and employment assistance with introductions to employers and the business migration units of state government departments if sponsorship is required. INBIB also assists with job search. Please send the following:
• Curriculum vitae
• An outline of your migration interests
• A copy of your occupation assessment undertaken as part of your application for migration. This will involve getting your skills assessed. If you have not completed your skills assessment at this stage please forward your CV and we will make preliminary enquiries on your behalf.

Contact us or go to assessment.

Please note that INBIB is unable to guarantee you employment. However we can assist with employment applications, Australian state government department introductions and employer body introductions to boost your opportunities of obtaining a job offer before or after you migrate under the Skilled Independent, Employer Sponsored, Regional Australia visas or Skill Matching categories.

Step One: Identify a position you have interest in.

See below for prescribed lists of skills in demand for Australian states and territories.

State Sponsored Eligible Occupation Lists

Graduates - Eligible Occupations Lists

For assistance go to:
Skills Occupation List (SOL)
Consolidated Skills Occupation List

Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation, Locations, Salaries & Assessing authorities

Skills shortages Tasmania
Skills shortages Victoria
Skills shortages South Australia
Skills shortages Western Australia
Skills shortages New South Wales
Skills shortages Queensland
Skills shortages Northern Territory
Skills shortages Australian Capital Territory

Step Two:
Please send us your Curriculum vitae (do not send to employer unless we advise)

Step Three:
We will communicate with the employer on your behalf with a view to facilitating the employment application process and visa immigration assistance. We will endeavour to negotiate migration assistance costs and traveling costs with the employer on your behalf.

Step Four:
We will provide the visa immigration assistance in accordance with DIMIA criteria ensuring a smooth "Peace of mind service" with respect to the objectives of both employer and employee.

Step Five:
Contact us
Go to Migration assessment